‘0/10 not enough weed’

  • – The Ghost of Taylor Swift

Hi, my name’s William (though you probably already knew that from the website name). I like to make reviews, creative writing and any nonsense in between for fun and to maybe get noticed by somebody. I’m not particularly picky about who notices me as long as it isn’t an axe wielding maniac. Though if you are an axe-wielding maniac feel free to enjoy my content just don’t involve me in your, uh, leisurely activities. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘why should I visit your website?’ To which I would answer: I don’t know. It may be a fun way to kill a few hours. Your time probably isn’t that important unless you’re dying or at work. But if you are at work you should stop procrastinating. And stop trying to flirt with Helen! She finds it uncomfortable and it violates her personal space.

Latest Post

Discussion of Upcoming Comic Films

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